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ear+anatomy | The inner ear anatomy is shown, including the semicircular canals, the ...

Outlander Anatomy | Anatomy Lessons Summertime greetings to all Outlander anatomy students! Anatomy Lesson #24 covered the outer ear so today’s Anatomy Lesson #25 is the Ear – Part 2, or to be more exacting the middle and inner ears.


Great images of CT and 3D scans of the inner ear. There are 3D images of cochlear implants. It has humans and animal scans. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Blocking Notch Pathway To Help Restore Hearing A new study has shown that blocking the Notch pathway, known to control the elaborate hair cell distribution in the inner ear, plays an essential role that determines cochlear progenitor cell proliferation capacity.

Ear Anatomy | Inside the ear | 3D Human Ear animation video | Biology | ...

Cochlea Diagram and Anatomy