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Workhouse Dining Hall. An interestingly informative website about workhouse locations, including the Poplar worksite.

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Workhouse Uniform ----- At Bristol, in the 1830s, for example, prostitutes wore a yellow dress, and unmarried pregnant women a red one.

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"Pankhurst was horrified by the screams of women being force-fed during hunger strikes. In her autobiography she wrote: 'I shall never while I live forget the suffering I experienced during the days when those cries were ringing in my ears.'"

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What other jobs could be carried out in a steampunk world of workhouses...? "Workhouse inmates were given a variety of work to perform, much of which was involved in running the workhouse. The women mostly did domestic jobs such as cleaning, or helping in the kitchen or laundry. Some workhouses had workshops for sewing, spinning and weaving or other local trades. Others had their own vegetable gardens where the inmates worked to provide food for the workhouse."

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She Even Starts to Have Some Fun With Her Fellow Inmates

Pin for Later: Piper's Long Road to Becoming Orange Is the New Black's Biggest Badass She Even Starts to Have Some Fun With Her Fellow Inmates Aww yeah, a little light twerking.

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