Twitter (June 25): Christopher Paolini: Fan art #16 — Zar'roc and Brisingr:

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"The curved crossguard was also made of blued brightsteel, as were the four ribs that held in place the large sapphire that formed the pommel. Zar'roc and Brisingr

The closest thing to Alagaesia would probably have to be Azeroth from WoW :)


Ellesméra, Du Weldenvarden(The Inheritance Cycle), although i could totally see it as Lothlorien, too.

The thing that bugged me most about this series was that Arya was supposedly more mature than Eragon. And yet she would get super angry at the slightest provocation. Plus, the way it ended made no sense.

Dragons from the front covers of the four Inheritance Cycle Books (Eragon, Eldest, Brisinger, and Inheritance)

Eragon telling baby Saphira about Alagaesia.  [Inheritance Cycle]

Eragon telling baby Saphira about Alagaesia. [Inheritance Cycle] <<< my favorite fan art so far!

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Christopher Paolini

Alex's dragon form/ "Eragon & Saphira" by Ciruelo Cabral. This is a beautiful picture and it shows the bond between Eragon and Saphira

Inheritance Cycle Fan Art | Shur'tugal – The official Inheritance Cycle fan community

Saphira, blue dragon from the Inheritance Cycle, by Chris Paolini 'Saphira sketches by *Ticcy on deviantART'

Inheritince cycle

Blue: Resembles Saphira ( Eragon's Dragon) Red: Resembles Thorn ( Murtagh's Dragon ) Green: Resembles Firnen ( Arya's Dragon ) and the black is obviously Shruikan