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from Minimalist Baker

Veggie Brown Rice Sushi

10-ingredient sushi with sticky brown rice and vegetables! Crunchy, hearty, healthy and delicious. Methods provided for with and without a sushi mat!

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Vegan Onigiri, Six Ways

Vegan Onigiri, Six Ways -- These whimsical Japanese rice triangles can be flavored with a multitude of ingredients and make a great packed lunch or bring-along for a springtime picnic.


Complete #Sushi Making Starter Kit. INGREDIENTS FOR SUSHI: 1.Rice; 2.Sheets of nori seaweed; 3.Spring rolls/Rice Paper; 4.Wooden mat for rolls/Pad Makis; 5.Tempura batter flour; 6.Shiitake Mushrooms; 7.Coconut milk; 8.Noodles: (rice/egg/Funchoza/udon); 9.Salmon;10.Caviar; 11.Crab meat; 12.Cream cheese (Philadelphia); 13.Caviar Masago orange; 14.Shrimp; 15.Smoked Salmon; 16.Sauces: (Soy/Teriyaki/Unagi/Sesame); 18.Wasabi; 19.Black and White Sesame; 20.Ginger Pickled. | #Asian #Japanese #Sushi


For Sushi at Home, Skip the Fish

The main ingredients for your personal sushi bar are quality rice, a good imagination and a willingness to experiment with vegetables.

from Nonna's Cooking

Hand-rolled sushi (temaki zushi)

Hand-rolled sushi (temaki zushi) | When Japanese families make sushi at home, the most popular style is the temaki, or hand roll. A large platter of fresh ingredients, a big tub of sushi rice and some sheets of nori are all that’s needed for a tasty and fun sushi meal. The crunch of the nori in this kind of freshly rolled sushi recipe is a delicious change from the more common rolls, in which the nori has softened through longer contact with the moist rice.

from Tastemade

Jumbo Tuna Roll

Recipe with video instructions: This huge sushi roll is for tuna lovers only. Ingredients: 400g cooked rice, 2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds, 40cc sushi vinegar, 100g tuna, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 12 strips takuan (pickled radish), 4 perilla leaves, green onions, 2 sheets nori

from Connoisseurus Veg

Curry Tofu Autumn Rolls with Sweet Ginger Sauce

These autumn rolls are made with rice paper wrappers stuffed with curried scrambled tofu, kale and peanuts, and served with a zesty sweet ginger sauce.


Salmon and avocado rice balls