INFP problems. This is literally the conversation Shawn and I have just about every other day!!

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INFP's display reactions to their feelings. Not their actual feelings. Fascinating insight!

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ENTP, ENFP, INTP, INFP Relationships & Compatibility

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Ha-ha! A fieldmarshal/ executive "trying" to bag a healer/ dreamer. ENTJs simply can't resist being attracted to gentle, yet crusading INFPs. INFPs soothe ENTJs when they're not working, inspire them, and help them to gain further insights into themselves.

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A full list of resources - including links to learn more and take quizzes - to get to know yourself better. Includes a downloadable bonus guide. Check it out at

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My circle may be small but shit I love u guys. ❤️ Mum, Dad, Stan, Laura, Clare, Rone, Mark ❤️

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