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Lahore Fort

Built before 1025 AD, the origins of the Shahi Qila go as far back as antiquity, however, the existing base structure was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar between 1556–1605 and was regularly upgraded by subsequent Mughal, Sikh and British rulers.


Kalash Girls from Pakistan NWFP living in chitral small village KALASH GUM yes i am also chitral i give you more information about this people


The December 22, 2015 report from Nobullying about bullying in Pakistan talked about many types of bullying in Pakistan, including cyberbullying, school bullying, and workplace bullying. The statistics on the history of bullying show that men and boys are victims of bullies in Pakistan, however women and girls experience much more bullying than the males experience. The bullying information about women shows it happens at all levels of society. The male-dominated culture in Pakistan is one…


Beauty Fitness...true beauty can be seen at every age and radiates outward so that our external frame reflects that which is within...don't look at her and count the wrinkles, look at her eyes and see the memories and joy she's had in her life.


Mirza Isa Khan an TravelTrolley has a wide range of information about Pakistan whether its about nearby hotels,Flights and attractions in Pakistan


Information about Airlines in Pakistan.

Nation-Building in the Modern World TWEET Cooperative Activity

Your students will be engaged in this fun and interactive activity. Students will learn about the nations that gained independence after World War II: India, Philippines, Malaysia & Singapore, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Ghana, Kenya, The Congo, Algeria. First the teacher will introduce the students to nation-building in the modern world with a creative power point presentation. They will then complete an activity by reading information about each country and...TES