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Information About Independence Day

Finding a punkah-wallah, and other essential Raj tips: THE COMPLETE INDIAN HOUSEKEEPER AND COOK

British Raj: The life of a British Army officer during the early days of British Rule in India.

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The 20 Most Influential Female Veterans of All Time

Cathay Williams, first black female to enlist in the U.S. Army and only female Buffalo soldier . On Nov. 15, 1866, Cathay Williams enlisted in the Army using the name William Cathay. She informed her recruiting officer that she was a 22-year-old cook. He described her as 5' 9", with black eyes, black hair and black complexion. She was assigned to the 38th U.S. Infantry. No one discovered she was a female. Cathay Williams was born into slavery in Independence Missouri in 1842.

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Thomas Jefferson and the Mammoth Cheese(A Reading)

Learn about the interesting gift that Thomas Jefferson received on New Year's Day, in 1802. The whopper of a cheese tipped the scale at about 1235 pounds. The reading also includes a Did You Know? section with lots of informative factoids about Thomas Jefferson, comprehension questions and seven extension activities. For President's Day,study on author of Declaration of Independence,reading in content area.

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Porvide the information about Independence day

BEN'S GUIDE TO THE US GOVERNMENT FOR KIDS: ELECTION PROCESS ~ "These pages explain the election process for Federal officials. Information about specific candidates and their campaigns or political parties and their platforms will not be found here."

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On Dec. 21, 1860 South Carolina was celebrating the end of the Union. This notice informed citizens that South Carolina was an “independent sovereignty" and encouraged people to close their businesses early and generally rejoice. Bells were rung for an hour and everyone was ordered to light their houses that evening. From the collection of the State Museum.

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