You think you're a good person but you definitely need to take another look in that mirror.

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An Inflection Point In History? – Green Tea HP Report | Dr. Roger Hendrix

His inauguration marks a global inflection point, perhaps for the worse.

This is the graph the extension cord industry lobbyists don't want you to see. I'm not saying excessive extension cord ownership CAUSES mid-life crises; I'm just saying today I spent my lunch break buying $20 worth of extension cords because my wife "doesn't care for the white ones" and now I feel like my life is at an inflection point which again may or may not be related. I guess what I'm saying is: THE EXTENSION CORDS YOU OWN END UP OWNING YOU. by thegladstork #instagram

Do you write memoir or self-help? Story of authors at an inflection point where an outside force causes a change of direction

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