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Inference Fun

An entire pinboard dedicated to pictures that assist in teaching inference


Hello Literacy: Observing, Describing & Inferring with {Picture of the Day}: Reading Photos "Closely"


Tell Me a Story Tuesday

Teaching inference with pictures- I love that the evidence is given to support the inference- "because, since, etc."


Building Strong, Young Scientists With A Year Of Observations and Inferences - Picture of the Week Activities


FREE Inference Carousel: Making Inferences with Pictures - 29 pages Activity Includes: * Teacher Instructions * 14 Images * Response Handouts for Lessons * List of Possible Responses * Additional Inference Carousel Activity * Template for Student Inference Pictures


Inference with pictures...loads of pictures!

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How to Make an Inference from a Photo

INFER: What can you infer from the picture? What do you think happened to the ball? How do you know? (I can infer...based on...) More

Based on this picture; infer or take a logical guess about what happened here. Why do you think so? If you were there what would you do? Who would be with you?


Put a picture up on the document camera (National Geographic's picture of the day works well). Ask students to make five OBSERVATIONS, five INFERENCES and five PREDICTIONS. Doing this a couple of times a week will drive home the difference between these concepts.