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From 17 August to 30 December 1957, Picasso did a series of 58 very different large-scale oils related to Diego Velázquez’s "Las Meninas". Pablo Picasso Les Menines: Infante Margarita, buste d'apres Velasquez 20 August 1957


Infanta Margarita Teresa (c. 1662-1664), anonymous, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. |


Diego Velázquez (Sevilla, 1599 - Madrid, 1660) y taller. La infanta Margarita Teresa | by Li Taipo

The Infanta Maria Marguerita in Pink - Diego Velazquez (painting finished by another painter after the death of Velasquez)


La famosa Infanta Margarita. Diego Velázquez. Mira su expresión facial y los colores que uso el artista para representar su arte. Trata tu de dibujar un autorretrato similar y luego agrega 10 adjetivos que describen a tu imagen. M. Melara


Empress Margarita Teresa in mourning dress by Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo. She was married to her uncle Leopoldo I of Austria, Holy Roman Emperor in 1666. He was the second son of Fernando III and Mariana de Austria, daughter of Felipe III of Spain.


The Infanta Margaret Theresa (1651–73), in mourning dress for her father in 1666, by Juan del Mazo. The background figures include her young brother Charles II and the dwarf Maribarbola, also in Las Meninas. She left Spain for her marriage in Vienna the same year. |


Spanish King Juan Carlos's sister Infanta Margarita, Duchess of Soria (C) and her husband Carlos Zurita are is seen, 12.05.2014 in Madrid, Spain