Selvedge magazine - Annie Sherburne Designs "Annie makes tufted rugs from industrial waste, recycled fabrics and sustainable sources. She has a new range of cushions and meditation mats! Use her book to make a rug or join her workshops at Art workers guild! Annie also sources vintage rhinestones and object trouve to decorate shoes and handbags."

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US Government Allows Extremely Toxic Substances, Including Industrial Waste, to be Used as Fertilizers and a Drinking Water Additive. Smokers need to be aware that American tobacco farmers are legally allowed to use phosphate fertilizer made from rock containing uranium.

The conception of the Lamela started with the material it is made of: used 4mm MDF. This material, considered industrial waste, was used as a bottom layer for a 3-axis cnc milling machine that cuts different types of sheet material. It has a structure on one side that is the result of multiple milling operations. Adding light to the unique pattern gives the material so much more value, it was meant to match. That's why we thought this was an opportunity to design a unique product.

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Some commercial farms in California came up with their own solution to the drought: the use of oil-industry waste water to irrigate crops.

Industrial Waste - Industrial Waste

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