The Flat Tire: Industrial Teapot Lid Modification

The teapot goes in the kiln for the bisque fire. I spent a half hour or so, cleaning up some places that needed.

Tipping teacup // infuses and strains - just put tea leaves in the cup and steep, when tea is done, tip to the other side to drink! Clever! #product_design #industrial_design

Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

"Tilting teacup // so clever, no need for a bag or strainer, simple put tea leaves in the cup and steep, when done, tilt! I prefer the ol' fashion way of drinking my tea but gotta say this is very very very clever

John Stephens Wanganui NZ hand built paper clay teapot.   'Industrial' teapots

The latest creation of John's hand built paper clay teapot. One in a series 'Industrial' teapots

Théières décoratives originales / WoDesign.  Source: see below.

Théières décoratives originales

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Industrial Teapot

Reserved for WPW: Industrial Teapot

Art Deco Paul Schreckengost Tea Pot, 1938. @designerwallace

Deco/streamline Ceramic pitcher or teapot, by Paul Schreckengost for the Gem Clay Forming Company in Cleveland. Paul Schreckengost is the brother of Viktor Schreckengost

Teapot stack lamp // eclectic. industrial.

Anthropologie Teapot Lamp

Teapot stack lamp - upcycle and paint tea cups, saucers, and pots for an industrial look -- or pastel!