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giant shopping list. My note: a delightful way to quote the walls, halls, laws...whichever. By the way, are we obsessed with putting words in our decor because we're so mentally detached from them via our media devices? Hmmm...pass me the library card and a few handheld paperbacks, please.

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Little collection of silver spoons. Helena Emmans.

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Elizabeth Auriol Peers - Small Spoon - Sterling Silver 2011 Photo: Simon B. Armitt

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Vintage Industrial Cast Iron Smelting Pot and Ladle

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Ladle Sweeper: Getting To The Very Last-Drop

With the Ladle Sweeper, it is easy to scoop out fluid dinners - right to the last drop.

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8895: is hazel. 8896: Maple and the traces of the handle suggest it to be flat. 8898: is oak with traces of a triangular cross section handle. 8899: yew and has traces of a rectangular handle. 9234: could be either cherry or blackthorn. notes about the handle say that it had a D cross section but a piece split off giving it a hollow look (which is isn't original). The Archaeology of York Craft Industry And Everyday Life, Wood Working in Anglo-Scandnaivien and Medieval York" by Carole…

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