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Industrial Dog Toys

When playtime wasn't ruled by 'elf and safety:

Ups and downs: Even the dog gets a go on this see-saw. These delightful images were all captured in the days before the health and safety industry took root, in an age when childhood disease or war represented more pressing threats to a child’s prospects than a game of conkers.

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A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. ~Victor Hugo

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Dog Leash Treat Holder, Distressed, Wood Wall Mount, Industrial, Steampunk by UpcycledRelic on Etsy

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Scientific American recently shared that dogs’ relationships with toys can be defined by how new they believe the toy to be. The phenomena is called neophilia, or, the love of the new.

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Retro metal sign wall plaque funny american diner 1950's style food cafe decor

I like the 1950s style stripes I could have this as a background for my logo.

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DIY industrial style laundry hamper DIY industrial style laundry hamper tutorial

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