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Scaffold Board Shelving. I recently brought some new scaffold Boards from B&Q cut them done to size and stained them with a ronseal wax. Very easy. Also purchased some £2. White L shape brackets (also B&Q) and sprayed them black. Total cost to complete approx £80

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DIY Industrial Style Coffee Table. Cedar cladding cut diagonally and nailed to pallet with galvanised nails. Ikea shelf angle supports as legs and hidden central support stud. Exposed pallet structure painted white and table top and base OSB board sealed with clear gloss varnish. #palletproject #palletideas


Cut industrial cutting boards using a 3" hole saw to cut discs out of it until I had 5, then bore the center hole out a little less than 1/2" as you use 1/2" all thread Romans screw the discs down on to it. It's pretty difficult. It’s easier to put the rod in the chuck of a drill and thread it into the disc that way. Once five layers are threaded on, use a cap nut and large washer to tighten everything down. Then put the whole thing in your drill and with a piece of sandpaper smooth out the…