20 Cool and Fun Indoor Slides,my house will have an indoor slide. im so getting this for my house

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Trisha Cleveland who’s working in conjunction with Quirky to make this inside slide a real product you can buy. The slide is made from a series of set of folding mats that convert staircases into impromptu indoor slides.

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Indoor slide...how fun!....thinking of ideas for the kids playroom....since we can't have a playground outside

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Yes! An indoor slide to get downstairs, talk about a great idea! The grandchildren will be entertained for hours. How would it look in your house? @Hello_Portal #stairslide #weeeeee

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This three-story slide by Tokyo-based LEVEL Architects wraps around the entire interior of the home! credit: LEVEL Architects [http://www.level-architects.com/works/house/nakameguro/nakameguro01.html]

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Another indoor slide ... more industrial than what we want though credit: Turett Collaborative Architects [http://www.turettarch.com/projects/tca068]

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