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Panjat Pinang (Climbing nut) is one of the popular traditional race on the Indonesian Independence Daycelebration.


Independence Day Celebration! Lomba Makan Kerupuk <3


August 17th, the Indonesian Independence Day - What to expect in the day's celebrations

japanese army - jungle fighting - Pin it by GUSTAVO BUESO-JACQUIER


"I’m So Sorry” by Yogi Setyawan. Arty-Fact: This is an old man in his 90’s. He has lived through the Second World War, Indonesian Independence from the Dutch under Sukarno, the communist insurgency in Indonesia, the overthrow of Sukarno and Suharto’s ascendency. One way or another, this man has chosen to smile and find the enjoyment in life even when faced with adversity.


Pengantin Revolusi , Bung Tomo dan Sulistina, 19 Juni 1947. (IPPHOS - Antara Foto).

Netherlands Indies Pemerintah Dai Nippon 100 Roepiah ND (1944-45) Pick 126s Specimen. As the Japanese Imperial Government attempted to curry favor from the Indonesians who were actively seeking independence from the Dutch, they also changed the language of the invasion money from Dutch to Indonesian. Keen collectors will note this general layout and design were also used on Malayan JIM. PCGS Choice About New 58.