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from Modern Interior Design & Furniture - Decoist

15 Modern Staircases with Spectacular Lighting

This lighting installation makes a boring staircase in a corridor look interesting besides adding a soft ambient lighting effect. A cost effective application for a great look

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How to Calculate the Price of Your Products

Learn how to calculate the price of your products with this handy guide. The post breaks down different areas of costs including materials, labor and indirect.


Interior view of the Baracuda yacht (Perini Navi) by John Pawson _


From Dough to Dollars: Indirect Costs and Break-Even Point - Part II | Cookie Connection

How much could a data breach incident cost your company? Based on the results of The Ponemon Institute’s recent 2010 Annual Study: U.S. Cost of a Data Breach, breach incidents are increasing both in direct and indirect costs. Read more:


Smart Business Tip #27: Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish. There are more costs than just financial. Determine the hidden or indirect costs in going with the cheaper option.

Caps on Indirect Costs Are a Misguided Invention - By J McCray,Kathleen P. Enright | Stanford Social Innovation Review

HRM 531 Final Exam 1) Distrust, disrespect, and animosity pertain to which component of indirect costs associated with mismanaged organizational stress? 2) Inventory shrinkages and accidents pertain to which component of direct costs associated with mismanaged organizational stress? 3) Thousands of equal-pay lawsuits have been filed, predominantly by ___________ since the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was passed. 4) What term refers to those actions appropriate to overcome the effects of past…

Download: 1. What are the differences between a direct cost and an indirect cost? Which is the more difficult cost to track? Why? How do indirect costs affect the cost of a product? Should indirect costs be included in product cost? Why or why not? 2. What are the differences between job- cost and process-cost systems? When would it be appropriate to use each type of system? How does each system affect the cost of a product? 3…

ACCT 434 Week 8 Final Exam 1. (TCO 1) If products are alike, then for costing purposes 2. (TCO 1) Ireland Company produces a special spray nozzle. The budgeted indirect total cost of inserting the spray nozzle is $180,000. The budgeted number of nozzles to be inserted is 80,000. What is the budgeted indirect cost allocation rate for this activity? 3. (TCO 2) Fixed overhead costs include 4.(TCO 2) Information pertaining to Brenton Corporation's sales revenue: ……...Management estimates…