Indie living room

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Maybe something like this in a garage as an alternative living space would be cool, like half living room, half open art studio thingy

WEBSTA @ interiorbymy - Green  From @rebfre

33 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

YESS, I'm sick of all the monochrome, give me a deep turquoise couch anyway! When I moved to Austin a few years ago, I had nothing but two overweight suitcases in tow. I spent months making trips to and from stores trying to equip my .

We've got the lowdown on a style that's been re-emerging with a vengeance in modern times. Perhaps vengeance is too strong a word—though there is an interesting assertion it acts as a pushback agai...

Soak Up Some Seventies Sunshine

yellow sofa A sunburst wrought-iron wall lamp hangs above Steve Soria’s Victorian couch in his Santa Barbara ranch home. Art above the sofa - Design Sponge

Sorry mom and dad, I love my college home too.

Why Living At College Is Important

photo courtesy of Sugar Beach Residences

How to Decorate in a British Colonial Style

British colonial style decorating was created when British citizens went to live in Africa, India, Asia, and the Caribbean in the late They adapted their refined British interior design style to the climate and available materials wh.