spare room/library set up. seating area in corner, her miscellany instruments hanging up, a large poster or rug or something on the wall behind the chair(s). bookshelf there with her most read books on it. also a vase of stargazer lilies on top, because those were her mother's favourite flowers.

comfy little corner with guitars, rugs, books, wallpaper - nature themed and simple with light shining in

indie bedroom ♡

Dorm room and apartment decorating ideas including shelving, dorm wall art, and dorm wallpaper - to turn generic dorms into a personalized space.

uraesthetichoe:  How To: Bohemian Bedroom

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Indie Bedroom photo Lady Bexx's photos - Buzznet

Nooks built in rooms that are bed-sized= comfy bed nook. (i have a bed nook!