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ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation || GSLV MK3


The Indian Space Research Organisation's first Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III rocket, the country's most powerful booster yet, launches on its maiden flight on Dec. 18, 2014 carrying a prototype crew capsule.<br />


India launches mini shuttle in race to replace NASA spacecraft

The Indian Space Research Organisation's shuttle will shoot up into the atmosphere before crashing back down into the sea. It is not expected to land in one piece.

Indian Mars spacecraft snaps breathtaking images of the red planet

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has released amazing images from its Mars Orbiter Mission (Mom). Among them is this 3D view of Arsia Mons, a huge dormant volcano on the surface of the planet. Volcanic deposits can be seen on its flanks

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) on Tuesday uploaded a 3D image of Mars - generated using multiple pictures acquired by Mars Color Camera in the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).

October 7, 2014: India's Mars Orbiter Mission captured this view of Mars from a distance of 66,543 kilometers. The view includes the large Elysium volcanic region on Mars, and the dark swath of Terra Cimmeria across the disk to the south. Near the center of the disk is a small crater that has a large dark streak running down from it: that is Gale, home to NASA's Curiosity rover. - Image Credit: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) - via Friends of NASA


GSAT-10 Communication Satellite, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India .. for more images visit


India's Mars satellite successfully enters orbit, bringing country into space elite

Indian Space Research Organisation scientists celebrate as the Mars mission successfully enters orbit.

India’s Mars mission could be a giant leap

Staff from the Indian Space Research Organisation celebrate – Mars Orbiter

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