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Ludo was originally an Indian game. It was introduced into Britain c. 1880. Reading was also popular in the 19th century.


Two US F/A-18E/F Navy Super Hornets fly in formation with two Indian Navy Sea Harriers, and two Indian Air Force Jaguars, over Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat on Sept. 7, 2007. US Navy Photo


Tom Oxendine was the first American Indian Navy pilot. As a navy pilot, Oxendine took part in 33 battles during WW II. On July 26, 1944, he defied radio communications and landed his seaplane under Japanese gunfire and in adverse weather to rescue a downed airman. For this, Oxendine received the Distinguished Flying Cross. He served in the jet age as a fighter pilot and flight instructor in the Korean and Vietnamese wars.

India: The other budding naval power

Indian Navy submarine of an enlarged German Type 209 design, built to Indian specifications.


The Indian navy plans to equip 23of its destroyers and frigates with Indo-Israel Long Range Surface to Air Missile system Barak-8.