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The ultimate list of 50+ Ideas for India Independence Day Party

Seven Clans. I am Bird Clan. For some, stating one's clan is not done because of the fear of conjuring; for others, clan is not stated because they believe that Christianity and traditional beliefs should never be mixed; for people like me, stating one's clan is acceptable because clan represents many values, including hospitality. I am a Christian Cherokee woman who is proud of clan.

The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

There are 7 clans of the Cherokee Indian. It is important to know this because they are not allowed to marry inside their clan. The women are the head of household in the Cherokee so membership is attained through the mother. The members within a.

25 Completely Random Things You Didn’t Know

25 Completely Random Things You Didn’t Know

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The National flag of India is a consists of three horizontal stripes. The colors are orange, white, and green.

Because the Native Americans were the first people in this country, many of the United States of America flags consist of Native American Indian imagery and symbols. Some states that have a Native American Indian flag include Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

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Indian Philately: First Three Stamps of India after Independence