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It carried into my adulthood. It was never treated. I am type 3; I have a lot of…

It carried into my adulthood. It was never treated. I am type 3; I have a lot of…


Over the past 20 years, I have conducted thousands of interviews with kids and their families, I have learned about the power and perils of digital media. I have heard from families about their use of computer, console, handheld, online, smartphone, and tablet-based video games. But one game has stood out as the most popular and compelling game for children with ADHD: Minecraft. Why does Minecraft appeal so much to children with ADHD?


Vitamins for Inattentive ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder -- ADHD -- is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders diagnosed in children, according to the Centers...


Inattentive ADHD: Symptoms of Distraction, Spaciness

People with inattentive ADHD appear to be constantly daydreaming off in la-la-land. Read on to learn more about this overlooked condition.


The first subtype of ADHD is the inattentive type. This is the child who is often labeled the daydreamer. Strategies for ADHD inattentive type are included.


ADHD Infographic

Need a good visual to help explain ADHD? I found this awesome infographic from North Shore Pediatric Therapy. ADHD infographic Infographics are a wonderful way to provide a large amount of information. They are far more pleasing to the eye … Continue reading →


My Child Was Just Diagnosed With ADHD. Now What?

Impulse control. Time management. Sleep. Screen time can cause issues in all these areas for kids who have #ADHD. Here are some ways to address these common trouble spots.