Attic stairs the style of stairs we will need since our attic access is in the kitchen closet not much space but bigger then it could be

Attic stairs ❤️ Showing Finished Opening at the Top of the Stairway Opening

movie room in the attic...I would love to clean up and re do my attic woth something like make it in to a guest room...

Home theater room in the attic. A more do-able idea than those other fancy home theater rooms! Much cozier and warmer than the individual recliners in rows that you see in a lot of fancy home theater rooms

10 Attics That Prove You Are Wasting An Entire Room In Your Home …

10 Attics That Prove You Are Wasting An Entire Room In Your Home

Expensive, but awesome attic theater. everyone can fall asleep and not have to move! Have to have one of these in my future home

kelli ,, maybe upstairs Love this, so cozy in the attic for a rainy, dreary reading or chilling day one your own or with friends!

44 Cozy Nooks You'll Want To Crawl Into Immediately

Many times the attic room is overlooked when you run out of room in your home and need more storage space. Creating well-planned attic storage will help you reduce clutter. The attic storage space depends on a home's style and when it was built.

Two free pieced cat blocks, could be used in any layout in a kid quilt.

Here are free patterns and tutorials for Attic Windows quilts! The pattern draws the eye into a "shadow box" effect. Attic Windows are a gr.

V.C. Andrews book are on the 'darker side" but well written. I love this Series - read them all. And moved on to her other series.

14 Extremely Controversial Books By Female Authors

Flowers in the Attic, V. Andrews, book that got me hooked on Andrews i read sooo many books by this author in middle school

Once I actually buy a house I would LOVE to turn the attic into a closet like this.

An Attic Closet for the Clothing Obsessed

How great is this use of that small attic space.a personal, private closet space. I really like the reflective ceiling with the use of lights and white paint to provide a light space. I'm picturing an art studio rather than closet.

Decorating English Country Style: The 36th Metamorphosis Monday

Decorating English Country Style

Love attic rooms or rooms with slanted ceilings. They were just made for a charming wallpaper like this Thibaut paper. The only rooms I like with wall paper are attics and small bathrooms.

Diy Storage Shelves In The Attic  •  Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a shelf in under 120 minutes

Diy Storage Shelves In The Attic

Create more storage in your attic! Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a shelf in under 120 minutes using wood, drill, and screws. in the Home + DIY section Difficulty: Simple.

Playing in the Attic: Let's talk Quilts

Quilt to Give

Playing in the Attic: Let's talk Quilts. simple enough pattern. great for getting rid of scraps Rebekah Amy Quilt