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Private Cathay Williams was the only woman to serve in the U.S. Army as a Buffalo Soldier. On November 15, 1866 she enlisted in the Army as a man. Williams reversed her name William Cathay and lived as a male soldier and served until she was found out due to the last of many illnesses she suffered while serving. She is the only documented black woman known to have served in the Army during these times when enlisting women was prohibited.

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21 Unbelievable Candid Photographs Of Elvis Presley In The Army

At the end of his time in the army, Elvis held a press conference. | 21 Unbelievable Candid Photographs Of Elvis Presley In The Army


Steve: *rolls eyes* I was in the fucking army, Tony. Besides, by that logic, Clint lifted the hammer too. | Tony: How dare you squash my logic by implying that Clint is as awesome as me?


In 1971 farmer Ted Litton caught this weird animal alive in his artificial pond in Lilac,TX, & got his pic in the paper. 8 hours later his farm was besieged by Army soldiers wearing decontamination suits. They drained the pond, leaving an odd, spheroid cavity in the bottom. Litton says the Army dismissed his beast as a freak of nature yet they confiscated it, promising him 5 grand (which never materialized).


Elvis Presley is sworn into the Army on March 24, 1958 at Fort Chaffee Arkansas. Fans wrote letters to President Eisenhower begging him not to let the Army shave Presley's hair! Help Us Salute Our Veterans by supporting their businesses at and Hire Veterans VIA