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Metamarkets open sources Druid, its in-memory database

Metamarkets is open sourcing its in-memory database technology called Druid. The rationale for open sourcing a key piece of its technology platform i...

SAP points HANA in-memory database at social analysis

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OracleVoice: Oracle Challenges SAP On In-Memory Database Claims

Oracle Challenges SAP On In-Memory Database Claims


From Altibase to VoltDB and covering options from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, we wrap up leading in-memory databases and add-on options. When you need speed, here are 10 tools to choose.


Building a Columnar Database on Ramcloud ( In-memory Data Management Research) (Hardcover)

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Oracle lives by its flagship database Analytical DBMSs: Oracle Database, Oracle MySQL, Oracle Essbase. In-memory DBMS: Oracle TimesTen, Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Option (announced in 2013 without details, roadmaps, or release dates). Stream-analysis option: Oracle Event Processing. Hadoop distribution: Resells and supports Cloudera Enterprise. Hardware/software systems: Exadata, Exalytics, Oracle Big Data Appliance. Oracle rivals IBM in the depth and breadth of its…

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Game changer: Goodbye disk, hello superfast in-memory databases

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"Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine." Lakshmi Worry is an illusion created by fear of either the unknown and/or past negative experiences. Because your mind cannot be 'blank' it will search your memory database and create pictures to fill its blank space. And because this process is unconscious you often feel anxious and doubtful with no reasonable cause. To deal with incessant and unproductive worry the first step is to become aware of this process. Then list positive…

Rune stone (U 459) in Skråmsta. The inscription says: "Saxe had these memorials made in memory of Est, his fader, and Torgunn (in memory of) her son." Runsten (U 459) i Skråmsta. Ristningen säger: "Saxe lät göra dessa märken efter Est, sin fader, och Torgunn (efter) sin son." Parish (socken): Haga Province (landskap): Uppland Municipality (kommun): Sigtuna County (län): Stockholm Photograph by: Erik Brate Date: 1914 Format: Glass plate negative Persistent URL…

1 SAP is hoping to sow more seeds of interest in its newest technologies, including the HANA in-memory database, through a new online training program available at no charge.