I need to find my way back to you, could you show me please?

how many lives i will have to live, until i find my way back to you Clouds atlas

Our story, but with a happy ending since luckily someone else had far less integrity and commitment..

It& I& a travesty when two hearts at different intervals in life find each other. And although they would otherwise be perfect for each other, they can be together for the timing isn& right

in some other life ...this is so sad... Why couldn't i just met you in some other life...or time...


in some other life we are standing side by side laughing that in some other life, we are apart dj

Perhaps one day we will meet again as characters in a different story, maybe we'll share a lifetime then.  -pavana

Maybe in another life time our souls will finally be able to hold each other the way they do in our hearts. and just maybe the world will not be so cruel

MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE by Taylor Jenkins Reid | July 7th from Atria

Less than a month to go until Taylor Jenkins. - Less than a month to go until Taylor Jenkins Reid’s newest love story, MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE, hits a bookstore near you!

Why Can't I Get Over Him? - http://howtochangehim.com/personality-types/why-cant-i-get-over-him/

Why is this in funny pics? Lmfao All these quotes about him and relationships are ridiculous. He had like three dozen wives.

But you were never mine. I just wished you were.

Well if there was a next life. So basically in Heaven. I will love you forever. Even when I don't know you and haven't seen you in years. There will be a piece of my heart that will always be yours

Not getting what you want? Change your ways and show the real worth of your words. Nobody falls for lies again n again. The best apology is to do better. The best way to prove yourself is through actions, not words, especially when it's the same words that put another person in a terrible spot.

When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows not the flowers