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The King's Speech (2010) - Colin Frith, Helena Bonham Carter & Geoffrey Rush - The story of King George VI of Britain, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch overcome his stuttering and become worthy of it.


Koryak group with a drum, 1915. Shamans played an important role in the lives of their tribal members and were protectors and intermediaries between humans and spirits. The training and development of future shamans required several years. As soon as the clan acknowledged a candidate for shaman and the candidate's right to be a shaman, the ritual of consecration occurred. Ritual actions were also obligatory when the shaman received each special object.


About the only person that told me seal-hunting is ok was because her brother was one of those Canadian seal-hunters! SICKOs!


The core British values that define our nation

Schools are being told to promote British values. Here are 10 to start with...

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The Most Overlooked Fundamental in Flat Training

The most overlooked fundamental in flat training. “Straightness is the basic essential of all training and the one that is overlooked the most. It’s the first thing that I feel for when I get on a new horse and is a skill that I keep honing throughout its career. Basically, straightness creates balance, rhythm and power,” says von Buttlar. “I think people fixate on the horse’s head carriage, which at the end is important, but first you have to make sure your horse is going straight and…