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Paul Craig Roberts Worries "What Is Henry Kissinger Up To?" Authored by Paul Craig Roberts The English language Russian news agency Sputnik reports that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is advising US president-elect Donald Trump how to bring the United States and Russia closer together to offset Chinas military buildup. If we take this report at face value it tells us that Kissinger an old cold warrior is working to use Trumps commitment to better relations with Russia in…

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The revival of Russia’s aircraft industry is a central plank of the Russian government’s policy of reindustrialisation and import substitution.This is a massively ambitious programme and in a series of articles I shall discuss the various projects that are underway. Aviadvigatel PD-14,_Russia)_(524-34).jpg

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A letter from the US Committee on the investment measures of the WTO with questions about 13 Russian documents governing the import substitution in the field of automotive industry, engineering, and information technology (at the disposal of...

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