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German imperative mood #learngerman


#Imperative mood In English, each sentence has a mood, that is expressed through the verb. Verb moods are indicative, interrogative, subjunctive/conditional and imperative.

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Practicing Verb Worksheet - The Imperative Mood

verb tenses with timelines; Tense, aspect, and mood (e.g. infinitive, imperative, interrogative, subjunctive, etc.) are often grouped together under the acronym TAM because they’re interrelated in many languages.


Spanish Verbs Basics of Spanish verbs in our easily accessible format. This…

The Imperative Mood in Italian: Italian mother and daughter at table

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Practice eighth grade grammar standards with these interactive notebook pieces and grammar scrambles. The theme of…

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ESL Recipe Lesson Plan: Practice the Imperative Mood | Linguistics Girl: Practice the imperative mood with English language learners using a fun ESL recipe lesson plan.

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Here are ways to give commands in Spanish without using the imperative mood.