Love our "possibilities"

Trust the wait Embrace the uncertainty Enjoy the beauty of becoming When nothing is certain anything is possible.I am. Wow I love love love this

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Aww hell no. She waited, left and couldn't be happier. You should have fucking walked.

He who is not impatient is not in love, ~ Italian Proverb <3 Love Sayings #quotes, #love, #sayings,

WHY DO WE SKIP? To put it frankly, we are impatient beings who want to get our own way. An advert popping up and disrupting what we want will always receive a frosty exception, unless it gives us a reason to atop and pay attention.

38 Wonderful Inspirational Quotes

38 Wonderful Inspirational Quotes

When someone asks me what my plans are after high school. And j only have two months left. Me: Dude, Chill and read this quote. Its not dumb, its just a choice.

It's better to try to fix yourself than to fix the problem. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to control the outcome that we lose our peace of mind. We get stressed worried impatient or even angry which is very unhealthy. Focusing on how you react to something allows you to differentiate between what you can control (feelings thoughts reactions) compared to what you can't control (people weather traffic etc.) This is how you find your peace. Learn to control your life instead of…

Tune into what brings you peace and what brings you turmoil. Learn to redirect the turmoil and channel the peace.

For when you’re feeling impatient and thinking about giving up. | 32 Beautiful Motivational Quotes That'll Give You Life

For when you're feeling impatient and thinking about giving up.

Repeat after me, good things take time. Good things take time. Good things take time.

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When life hits, it hits hard. Whether in the form of tragedy or epiphany, the message is the same. These quotes about change will inspire you to finally.

The facts is ,love is unconditional,like you write a lyrics or writing a story ,in your life time ,you can fine love for him ,for your couple,or just for a forbidden love .

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21 signs you're a naturally impatient person

The 20 CLEAR signs you need to sort your patience out, woman

Why is "patience" a virtue? Why can't "hurry the fuck up" be a virtue?

Don't go back to less,just because you are to impatient to wait for the rest.

Patience: Don't go back to less, just because you're too impatient to wait for the best.

Awesome reminder! I need to slow down a bit even though I am constantly rushing to the next appointment, school pick up or sports!

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Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for. Slow down, don't let life get away.

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