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Imam Hussain

Oh Allah , what did he find who lost you and what did he lose who found you ? Imam Hussein (AS)


Truth is the essence of Islam and fortifies the values that are emphasised in the Holy Qur’an and teachings of Ahlulbayt ع). Imam Hussain (ع) said: “Don’t you see that truth has been replaced by falsehood? We must be prepared to sacrifice everything that is precious in support of truth!” Throughout his life Imam Hussain (ع) had to explain these issues to the Muslim masses in every speech he made or any other opportunity he had: “O people you have to be pious believers, and know the right…


First night of Muharram 2016: A Quote about Muharram by Imam Reza

Tonight is the first night of Muharram in 2016. Although Imam Hussain (PBUH) and his family and companions have not arrived yet to Karbala in such day but mourning ceremonies have got started at... #ashura


Day of Ashura quote by Lady Zainab sister of Imam Hussain,#Shia Muslim #Ashura…