writing prompts, or conversation starters! Imagine If........ writing prompts http://www.easypeasykids.com.au/wpblog/2012/04/30/a-childs-imagination-is-an-insight-to-their-world-from-the-best-toy-ever-to-talking-with-aliens/

Soup Scoop - Star Wars Day & Other Fascinating Topics

Aliens Love Underpants! I have to remember this when we do our science theme on space!

We love the book, Aliens Love Underpants! We made aliens and wrote about what we would do if an alien came to visit. The kids had some cute answers.

8 kid-friendly writing warm-ups that spark creative writing

8 kid-friendly writing warm-ups that spark creative writing

The toughest part of writing is often getting started. Jump that hurdle with these 9 kid-friendly warm-ups that motivate young students to write.

Engage children creatively with this easy to use pdf download Instagram style, 'tech' mobile phone/tablet 'All About Me' first week back, art and writing activity. Children can learn more about themselves and their peers and teachers can get to know more about their new classroom individuals in an imaginative way.This activity invites students to cut out and make their own fold out booklet style art-phone, and then to complete the image making on the front cover and the written elements…

All About Me Back to School 'Art Phone' creative art & writing activity

Create character poems. Giants, monsters,dragons ... just use your imagination!<br /> Resources include original poems, templates sheets for writing  and simile cards.<br /> Includes a range of poetry styles....

Writing MONSTER poems

POEMS Create descriptive character poems - giants, leave fill ins for comparisons/ends of sent and have kids give words to and

Sight word pebbles for playful literacy activities!

Sight Word Pebbles for Literacy Play

Sight word pebbles for playful literacy activities! (The Imagination Tree). Could use with art words.

Giant Scrabble Wall Letter

Giant Scrabble Wall Letter

Are you interested in our scrabble art? With our wall letters. big letters you need look no further.

year 5 imagination portrait (inspired by portraits on pinterest)

year 5 imagination portrait Modify THIS to use instead of a 'heart map' for Writer's workshop writing inspiration.