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Images Of Indian Flag


Indian Cinemas Must Play the National Anthem, Supreme Court Rules

The anthem, before every screening, is to be accompanied by images of the Indian flag, and the audience must stand, the ruling mandates.

Kids fly kites of the Indian flag to represent their country on Jan 26th which is Republic Day (commemorating Indian Independence from Britain).


Ira Hayes - American WWII hero. He was one of the men in the iconic Iwo Jim flag-raising photo. Unfortunately, Ira had a very hard time after the war, and eventually died of exposure and alcohol poisoning in 1955.


The Legion Freies Indien (Free Indian Legion) / Infanterieregiment 950 (Ind.) a regiment of the German Army formed from Indian volunteers in 1942. Initial recruits came from small number of Indian students resident in Germany during the WWII & a volunteers from the large numbers of Indian POWs captured by the Axis forces during the North African Campaign. They were finally captured by American & French troops, & eventually shipped back to India to an uncertain fate at the hands of the…