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ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER Vintage Ladybird Book Well Loved Tales Series 606D Gloss Hardback 1988

Ladybird Books. 'The Elves and the Shoemaker. My goodness I am now 58yrs old and these delightful books take me right back, right back to such a wonderful happy childhood. My brother and I loved them. KMW

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Mars bar mousses

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OH MY DAYS: this poster makes my knees weak. And it's totally sold out. By Barry Leonard for the London Print Club

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Ohhhhhh ... ::tuggin on sleeve:: .... LOOK how BEAUTIFUL!!!! Good Morning, Beautiful! .... .... image of: Lake Alice,Idaho

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French onion soup

French onion soup. A deeply savoury soup to use up a garden glut, make sure you caramelise your onions so they're really rich and tender

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Real Spanish omelette

Real Spanish omelette (nicest with shredded or very very finely cut strips of potato, and a bit of veg stock)

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Spiced vegetable biryani

Spicy Vegetable Biryani. Made with cauliflower, sweet potato and green beans. Serve with poppadums and raita.

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The aardwolf has a highly specialized diet consisting almost exclusively of harvester termites, and is able to tolerate the toxic secretions of the termite soldiers. In the summer, as many as 3,000 termites may be consumed each night, while in the winter, termites are much scarcer and only around a fifth of this number will be consumed, resulting in a dramatic loss of body mass. The aardwolf has a long, sticky tongue that is effective at licking termites from the soil surface.

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