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I'm really sorry I'm an idiot and extremely hard to deal with most of the time. And I mess up every conversation we have in a matter of seconds

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••im sry u feel that way. i found out at 1:30 that i wasnt going to wrk. i feel sick. i just lost ur pics and thats really the most important thing i lost. and now ill need ur number but i feel like u prolly dont wanna give it to me. cuz ur really mad @ me.i really do miss u. and im sry im a pos

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I hate all this!! I hate being sad all the time & you having to see it! :-( I feel like I am just no fun to be around anymore. I don't want to ruin your happiness..can't say I blame U for not wanting to be around me. I am sorry!!***

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Well this is a middle of the night, cant sleep again, overthinking weak moment quote

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Why do we use these words to describe ourselves? Look at each descriptive negative word and turn it into a positive. I'm love being me.

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Yeah that's true. I'm sorry for everything. I knew I lost you a long time ago sorry for everything I've done I'm not going on the first now I don't want you to be upset that I came and I won't be anywhere you are

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