""Are you okay?"  "I'm FINE."   F-Faking a smile I-Insecure  N-Numb to everything  E-Emotionally unstable   At least I'm not lying"

My heart hurts. I'm not fine. I question my day to day actives and why I do them. I feel alone and unloved even though I have people around me who love me.

This actually hurts to look at, when I say I'm fine I'm really not. I can just hid my pain a lot better then others.

Depression is something that is hard to deal with by yourself. If you have trouble with depression, then this article can help you get the assistance you need.

Im fine… read it upside down. sometimes difficult things appears in life and you wonder how can you can get rid of it.

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For once she'll say "I'm fine" and it wouldn't be a lie

"And perhaps one day she'll be truly happy. And when you ask her, "Are you ok?", for once she'll say, "I'm fine.", and it wouldn't be a lie." I'm so glad I can honestly now say "I'm fine" with a real smile on my face.

This is especially true when I am in the middle of a flare. I will always say "I'm fine" because I don't want anyone's pity. Also, I don't want anyone to think I am incapable. However, I do want someone to UNDERSTAND and EMPATHIZE.

Sometimes, when i say, “i’m fine”, I want someone to look me in the eyes. And say, “tell me the truth”.

I totally hate it because then everyone is like "oh r u okay!!" And u have to buck up and act fine

If I cry in front of you, I'm really hurting. I HATE crying in front of people. I feel weak, like I"m begging for sympathy & that's not me.

They said " I felt that exact same way when I was your age.." Was it true? I doubt it, but I'll pretend to trust and believe them anyway.

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Top Famous Sad Quotes In your happiness, you would always enjoy the beats of music, but in your sadness, you’ll pay attention to the lyrics.