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PLEASE READ!!!! I want anyone who has ever said they were "Fine" to like this pin. Because I know how it feels. You keep everything inside and don't tell anyone. And eventually all your emotion builds up and you explode or implode. Either way its fatal. Physically or emotionally. I'm here for anyone who wants to talk. Because you deserve to be honestly fine.

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You all tell me to love myself, that Im amazing, Im fine just as I am...but you dont understand how much I hate myself, and how little impact your hollow words have on how I view myself

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Black and White life depressed depression sad lonely pain alone b&w fat dark crying self hate ugly dead anorexia anorexic unhappy sadness darkness useless worthless i hate myself self destruction lonliness disgusting I HATE MY LIFE unwanted no life im tired

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I can see Aiden saying this to Lyra after he's wounded at the battle later dubbed The Massacre (I don't know what this quote is from. If you do, please let me know)

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I only keep it up in front of my fam. I don't bother in school anymore. The only thing I have to worry about in school is not crying.

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