Shape Bubble Wands - what shape bubbles will they make? Fun, playful backyard math and science activity for kids. Great for preschoolers who are learning basic geometry, or can be extended for older kids.

Shape Bubble Wands

Make shape bubble wands and let the kids experiment. Does one work better? Do the bubbles look different? A great outdoor or summer science activity for young kids.

Soapy hand bubbles that you can catch created with liquid hand pump soap

Soapy hand bubbles

Dish soap

The Crazy Moore Family: Industrial strength bubbles. I'd get the pet store bubbles for dogs, tho. :) But for people/kids, these would be awesome!

It's super easy to make your own giant bubbles!

How to make giant homemade bubbles

Marshmallow shooters / iFunny :)

DIY Marshmallow Shooters are a completely exciting way to have fun on your next game day or party! All you need to make these are styrofoam cups, balloons, and marshmallows--get ready to launch!

Matching Activities: June Match and Flip Books

Matching Activities: June Match and Flip Books