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It would be too easy to that I feel invisible. I feel painfully visible-the freak, the outcast- and entirely ignored.

If you ignore someone, you make a conscious choice to communicate that they are not important - Ignore Quote

The same people who are candy to our eyes can be poison to our hearts. Study their ingredients before feeding - Life Lesson Quote

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Sometimes silence is best cause then they listen, recognize the problems, truly miss you and may want to give a shut to change.

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While I am used to this, if anyone does any of those things they should feel bad. While my expectations are low it still always hurts.

The missing replies especially from those we like, care about are answers to questions in themselves and something we learn to accept somehow.

probably the strongest kind, and yep I am getting the message loud and clear

I get it. I'm not that important to you.

It was easy for you to walk out. I loved you and I never would have done that to you.

if you aren't going to consistently make an effort with me, don't expect me to make an effort to care.

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There is nothing I hate more than being ignored! It is so disrespectful!

The Silent Treatment [Types of Emotional Child Abuse Series, Part 1]

being ignored by someone whose attention means the world to you is the worst feeling

being ignored by someone whose attention means the world to you is the worst feeling when she ignore me just for a single mistake

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sorry i started to expect you to do the things i would expect myself to do i just started feeling weird after my throat just started deciding that it wants to close out of no where but no one knows well just you now.

There are things in life that we tend to forget or take for granted. Don't ignore these important truths. They could change your life.

Once You Learn These 8 Hard Truths About Life, You'll Become Much Stronger

Six easy and powerful ways you can recharge your mind when you& reached the point of complete exhaustion and are feeling mentally drained.