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The choice is always between fear and love. Your true identity is grounded in love, so why would you ever choose fear?

Some people try very hard to impress others but in the bargain lose their own identity. #Life #Identity #Quotes

Knowing who you are is amazing! Soul search, dig deep to figure out who YOU are! The ONLY person you should ever want to be better then is is yourself!

Own who you are, not who anyone else wants you to be. #greensmoothieco #gsc #quote

Do you remember the person you were before you tried to be cool and conform into something your not? Be that person, because God created you for a reason and purpose. Be you.

Do Not Define Your Identity

Do Not Define Your Identity (Live Life Happy)

Do not define your identity based on the lowest points in your life. - Mike Cernovich Tagged with: Advice , Life , Truth , Wisdom

Benevilla provides programs and services to ages 1-100 in the West Phoenix Valley. #Benevilla.

our memories and experiences, dreams and struggles, the good and not so good, create the amazing stories, of our lives.