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Organic Nutrients that Give Your Soil a Boost

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Get ready for the growing season by transforming inexpensive wooden spoons into these colourful garden labels. Easy to make, they’re a practical and fun way to keep track of veg patch pickings!

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How to Get Rid of Garden Pests For Good

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Winter twigs and buds - ash, alder, beech, horse chestnut, rowan, hazel, holly, dog rose, hawthorn, sycamore, blackthorn, field maple, birch, elder, oak, lime, lilac, larch, elm

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Here are five mushrooms that are great for a beginning forager!

5 Easy to Identify Edible Mushrooms

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Our perennial garden has at least 3 herb plants, and I really should a) positively identify them, and b) start using them! I know for sure we have chives. But I think we also have sage (or tarragon), possibly thyme, probably rosemary and maybe even some mint.

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Create an Emergency Preparedness Reference Library

How to Identify a tree leaf using shape, margin, and venation.

startwithaseed: lessons in botany meditategravitate: leaf morphology Well…this explains why the plant people say they’ve never heard of some of the plants I try to describe.

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I picked these from Prospect Park for my urban foraging story "Eternal Spring" in Saveur. Fun to see it here.

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