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21 Ingenious Dollar Store Ideas You'll Want To Try

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Icicle lights strung vertically behind window sheers - best Xmas decorating idea ever!! Got the idea from pinterest, but think my version turned out better than the inspiration pic (biased ;-)). Used command hooks as well as the curtain hardware to hang the lights; 2 stings per window - don't want to be stingy with the light. I also spent time hooking the "icicles" together horizontally, from the vertically strung wire, to give a more fully lit effect. Ambiance abound!

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70 M5 Cool White Twinkle LED Icicle Lights

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Three Piece 10"" Real Life Nativity Holy Family [Style #Fh41T] Case Pack 3 By WMU

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30+ Cool String Lights DIY Ideas

DIY: Chandelier ~ 1 hula hoop (spray painted) 2 strings of icicle lights and black electrical tape = magnificent chandelier... Awesome! great idea for an outdoor party!

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How to hang Christmas Lights the easy way!

Purchase vinyl J Channels ($6 each-Comes in different colors!) from your local hardware store & get enough feet to do your house. *They are easily cut to your any length needed with a utility knife. Drill holes that are just big enough to accept the icicle lights or slightly smaller than the size of your C9 light bulbs. Space holes about 2" apart in bottom of the channel and push each icicle into the holes so they hang downward.