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Ice luge - Ice luges have also been described as a type of drinking game - Party goers drinking from ice luges - An ice luge can be carved from a block of ice or cast from a mold. Some designs incorporate the use of a tube that exists within an ice sculpture. Companies that create ice sculptures may purvey ice luges, and some ice companies also create and sell custom designs. Ice luges can also be homemade, and molds are available to consumers for doing so...

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Party Ice Luge - Race Your Shots Down the Icey Slopes!

Party Ice Luge - Race Your Shots Down the Icey Slopes! - The Green Head


Ice luge - Absolut Vodka being served through ice luges - There is a possibility that vodka may be diluted with water when ice luges are used (along with other beverages). Martinis and champagne are also sometimes chilled and served using ice luges. They're sometimes utilized in ice bars, which are drinking establishments made primarily of ice. Ice luges have also been used for the consumption of oysters.

Ice luge - A drink being poured down an ice luge at an ice bar in Rochester, Minnesota - An ice luge, martini luge,[1] or shooter-block is a type of ice sculpture made from a large block of ice that has a narrow channel carved through where liquid is poured,[2] such as liquor products.[3] Some are professionally produced from sculpturing or from molds, and some are homemade. Ice luges are sometimes offered in ice bars, and have also been used for serving oysters...


Reusable Blackout Ice Luge Kit by Build-A-Luge. $155.95. Never pay for another ice luge again! Use Build-A-Luge's durable molds to create reusable, full scale ice luges in the convenience of your own standard freezer. Just fill the molds with water, freeze, and place ice blocks on the ice luge trough-- Let the shots do the rest! Extremely portable and always a party hit, the Build-A-Luge reusable ice luge will pay for itself after the first use! Standard kit in...