Ice Cube (born O'Shea Jackson), rapper, record producer, actor, screenwriter, film producer & director, and former member of N.W.A. His solo hits include AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, It Was a Good Day, Wicked, Check Yo Self, Really Doe, You Can Do It, We Be Clubbin', & Pushin' Weight & Bop Gun. He starred in Boyz n the Hood, Higher Learning, Three Kings, Friday, Barbershop & Are We There Yet? The Source ranked him #14 on its list of the Top 50 Lyricists of All Time. His estimated net worth is…

ICE CUBE Best known for: N.A, Boyz N the Hood, and now a slew of family-friendly projects. O’Shea Jackson, aka […]

Ice Cube by Patrick Hoelck -

Ice Cube as murderer. Ice Cube was born in South Central Los Angeles on June He's most known for his rap career in the group N.A and as a solo rapper.

Actor/rapper Ice Cube

Ice Cube takes on another day in 'First Sunday'

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