Since God is light, love, energy then God is in everything uniquely. Praise him in the show flake.

Snowflake Shapes Shine Under The Microscope

"Snow crystals," Ukichiro Nakaya wrote in "may be called letters sent from heaven." The Japanese physicist spent his life studying snowflakes, eventually becoming the first to create an artificial snow crystal in the laboratory.

nature's geometry by via moi, via flickr

How to Preserve Snowflakes. Have you ever wanted to keep a snowflake that will never melt, even when held in your hand, or placed under a sweltering sun on a hot, summer's day? With some microscope slides and glue, you can do exactly that.

Ice Crystals.

DIY Braided Bead Bracelet

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Ice Crystals within Ice

Ice Crystals Within Ice. Look at the delicate little ice crystals within the ice shard, how intricately they've been made, background is blurred giving the image more depth.

Epsom salts crystallizing on a window resemble ice crystals.

How to Paint a Glass Window With Epsom Salt So You Can't See Inside

Epsom salts crystallizing on a window resemble ice crystals. Put around the edge of your winter display window.

...release yourself from the frozen shackles that bind you to the Immobility of Self

Texture Wow, we missed a frozen iron // metal shackle in the list of our favorite photos. Love the gradient in the background: the colors really sparkle in contrast to the hurting frozen chain covered with ice crystals.