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How to make Oreo milkshake (quick recipe

OREO MILKSHAKE!!! This recipe makes three big glasses worth, or six more sensible portions. It’s very sweet and has a very distinctive Oreo flavour. Want some?

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Extreme S'mores Milkshakes

INSANE Extreme S'mores Milkshake Recipe like NYC Freakshakes. My favorite ice cream dessert!

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Classic vanilla milkshake - Milkshakes

Classic vanilla milkshake - Milkshakes | Milkshake recipes - Classic vanilla milkshake Makes 2 Ingredients 4 medium scoops quality vanilla ice cream 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 7 tablespoons sugar 500 ml organic milk Squirty cream...

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19 crazy milkshakes that are worth getting a sugar crash for

Crazy, over-the-top milkshakes are great, full of mouth-wateringly deliciousness. These are what dreams are really made of.

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Cookies & Creme Milkshake

2 cups vanilla ice cream, 1 cup milk, 4-5 Oreo’s, 1 tsp. vanilla extract. In a blender, throw all your ingredients in and mix it up! Serve immediately :) YUMmmM

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Get creative with your ice cream sundaes! I miss my days of creating concoctions just like this at an ice cream restaurant.

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This Baileys Freakshake proves you really can have your dessert and drink it too. Vanilla ice cream and Baileys are whipped to perfection and poured into a cold glass with chocolate ganache. The generous toppings make it a super freakshake with chocolate, more ice cream, sprinkles, brownies, and as many other treats as you’d like. This is an even more delicious alternative to a mudslide this summer—so if you’re inviting guests over for cocktails, it’s the perfect time to try making your own!

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'The gayest of Gaytime milk shake': Ice cream inspired dessert

Having a Gaytime: Patissez cafe has introduce a Gaytime inspired freakshake, taking inspiration from the iconic Australian ice cream

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