"I like to think that [Joy Division doesn't] belong to any category." - Ian Curtis

Collection of Ian Curtis lyrics and extracts from notebooks to be published

His Idols were Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Lou Reed of The Velvet Underground and Nolan Porter. Ian Curtis Lead SInger, Lyricist and Rhythm Guitar pllayer (Joy Division) one of the most influential bands in Moderrn Music.

Ian Curts from Joy Division…WIlderness just came on shuffle did my best to dance like him around my house

Merc Sounds - Ian Curtis, Joy Division singer,passed on this day in A powerful voice,haunting lyrics and unique dance style.

Ian Curtis singer: Joy Division  Sensitive man.  Hero (of the unknown)

“I felt a bit guilty picking the Joy Division song as it’s such an obvious choice but the lyrics are so amazing”

Ian Curtis, Joy Division (Jul 15, 1956 - May 18, 1980), suicide on the eve of leaving for a US tour

Ian Curtis, Joy Division (Jul 1956 - May suicide on the eve of leaving for a US tour

Ian Curtis - Joy Division - Gone to soon

Photo Gallery: Kevin Cummins Captures Joy Division in Manchester

Ian Curtis at Leigh Festival 27 August 1979 - photographed by Kevin Cummins.

Ian Curtis // joy division

Ian Curtis // joy division - i think this was taken during the mont de marsan punk festival

Ian Curtis

Contraflow on

zombiesenelghetto: Joy Division: Ian Curtis, at the band’s only show in Paris at the Bains Douches Club, photo by Danny Dupic, December 1979

quintessential hybrid of sculpture & motion

Glad It's Friday

Ian Curtis (Joy Division)

o poeta triste do rock

Expresses tiredness, worry, burden, sadness, depression, stress, building of weight on one's shoulders..? Ian Curtis...<3

33 years ago today the world lost one of the most unique singers and lyricist in Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Although not known by many Ian Curtis and Joy Division have left a lasting

Control    Anton Corbijn on Ian Curtis

Sam Riley as Ian Curtis in Control directed by Anton Corbijn