Sarah you can kick rocks!! I'm fed up with your anger. You are so vulgar and angry and I cannot stand it anymore. If you want to hold a garage go ahead. I'm tired of proving my good to you and you don't see it. Constantly trying to defend myself from attacks from you and your family.

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You left all to sudden, to unexpected, without warning....I left, all was the way it had always been, so wonderful....I returned, just in a matter of days, and how everything changed....

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WEBSTA @ kaynadianbeauty - Just a sad lil baby who wishes she had everyday to do crazy makeup, ON ANOTHER NOTE have any of you guys purchased @kokolashes? Please leave your favorite styles down below because I want to make a order and it would help a ton!! ✨

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No one notices the pain I'm in. No one bothers to really ask if I'm ok. It's just "Are you ok?" 'Yeah, I'm fine.' "That's good" and they leave. Never "Are you ok?" 'Yeah I'm fine' "no tell me how you really are". Because that's a waste of time to them. [Please change description if you repin]

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The fact that I'm a massive duckle and worry too much about other people is the ruiner of this idea

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My family isn't helping the fact that I want to kill myself. I thought going on vaca would make things different. I thought that there would be less arguing and we would get closer. But every one just keeps yelling at me. I just want to cry. First full day and I already want to leave. But I'm stuck with them 24/7 until Wednesday when we leave. I'm so tired of living at this point

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This explains why the child of a narc can't stand criticism!

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