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Writespiration #3

"Tommy, remember me. I can't hear you anymore. Hello?" My boss comes forward. "We are assigning you to a new kid or do you want to die?"

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Writespiration #4

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Life couldn't possibly be crazier than it is right now for me. Finding myself to shore again ...

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I'd do something like only half of people live through it, not like half the people die, but since people just skip the whole chunk of time

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Disposable Camera Wedding Photos Prompt List FREE Download

Disposable Camera Wedding Photos Prompt List FREE Download. Could also do the same with instagram photos and ask your guests to use your own wedding hashtag #wedding #weddingphotos.

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Maui Jim 327-17 Silver with Blue Guardrails Aviator Sunglasses Polarised Drivin

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Roxxi sighed as she looked at her broken laser blaster. "This is the exact reason we can't have nice things!" Zander said as he threw his hands in the air.

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